What do we want? A federal Anti-SLAPP law. When do we want it? RIGHT NOW!!!

If you blog, then you likely are going to get sued or threatened with a lawsuit.  “It is an all too common scenario: a blogger criticizes someone online and then is sued for his or her statements,” writes First Amendment protector, Marc J. Randazza in this article titled The Need for a Unified and Cohesive National Anti-SLAPP Lawpublished in the January 2013 issue of The Oregon Law Review.

SLAPP lawsuits, for those unaware, refer to frivolous defamation lawsuits filed against people who have spoken out about something.  In a SLAPP lawsuit, the plaintiff isn’t necessarily hoping to win;  instead, the goal is to silence critics by threatening them with a lawsuit that will be expensive to fight.

Mr. Randazza explains the need for uniform legislation — “The disparity between existing anti-SLAPP statutes, coupled with the number of states that have no anti-SLAPP laws at all, leads to a state of injustice where some Americans have protection for their online speech and others do not. All Americans should enjoy free speech—not just those who live in civilized states.”


~ by siouxsielaw on January 26, 2013.

One Response to “What do we want? A federal Anti-SLAPP law. When do we want it? RIGHT NOW!!!”

  1. A single standard would be great. I am all for a law that would encourage more speech and limit bullies.

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