“I Was a Suspected School Shooter”

Do yourself a favor and go read the recent piece in Vice Magazine.  A self-described former goth misfit chronicles her experience of being wrongly accused of plotting a “prom murder spree” in the wake of Columbine.

Gina Tron, now a professional writer, begins her essay —

By now, the Newtown, Connecticut, shooting has faded into memory for many people, a horrible event already superseded in the headlines by other horrible events. At the time it shocked me to a degree I thought I could no longer be shocked, a reaction no doubt shared by everyone who heard the news. But it also stirred up some more complicated emotions for me along with the sadness—it reminded me that when I was a teenager, the people around me thought that I was capable of what the Newtown killer did. At one point, I was more of a potential murderer than a potential murder victim.


~ by siouxsielaw on January 9, 2013.

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