Skull Arch in the Fiery Furnace

When I first saw this I thought, I must blog this.   It is the Skull Arch in Utah.

And then I thought, I must go there.  One of my friends just spent a couple of weeks hiking around Utah.  She took the great picture I posted above.  Skull Arch is located in Arches National Park (near Moab).  Of course, Skull Arch is located in the part of the park called the Fiery Furnace.  According to everything I have read, the hike up to Skull Arch is easy to moderate.  I really have no excuse for not planning a trip out to see the Skull Arch for myself.

Bonus link.

There is an amazing interactive panorama of Skull Arch at this link.   You really need to check it out.

Bonus Video

Fiery Furnaces “Duplexes of the Dead”

Photo Credit:  RB

Tiny top hat tip:  RB


~ by siouxsielaw on September 27, 2012.

3 Responses to “Skull Arch in the Fiery Furnace”

  1. I love Arches National Park. I’ve been there many times. In fact, my sister had her wedding in the park under a gorgeous arch. You should go there, if you get the chance. It’s beautiful and I guarantee you’ve seen nothing like it anywhere else in the world. You’ll love Moab, too. Especially if you like mountain biking. If you do go, let me know. I can recommend so great places to eat!

  2. That’s so awesome! Utah has some of the most amazing natural scenery but I’d never heard of this place. Next time I travel to the Midwest, I’m making that a stop along the way!

  3. I there wasn’t, but saw on TV. Very beautiful.

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