California Supreme Court upholds class action against Service Corporation International

The Daily News reports that the California Supreme Court upheld a class-action lawsuit filed against a Los Angeles-area Jewish cemetery owned by Service Corporation International (“SCI”).  The suit pits SCI, the nation’s largest publicly-traded funeral and cemetery owner, against one of the more high-profile class action firms, Eagan Avenatti.  (Eagan Avenatti filed the Super Bowl XLV class action on behalf of ticket holders who were denied seats at the game.)

The cemetery desecration lawsuit alleges that the SCI-owned cemetery at issue dug up graves and resold the plots.  According to the pleadings, the suit “concerns a pervasive and continuing practice of secretly desecrating graves and cemetery in order to make room for new graves.”


~ by siouxsielaw on August 4, 2012.

One Response to “California Supreme Court upholds class action against Service Corporation International”

  1. Okay, so when I “Like” this post it doesn’t mean that I like what is going on here! Just want to make THAT perfectly clear. However, I like that you bring this to our attention. The whole idea or recycling graves is utterly gross, not to mention disrespectful. I hate to say it, but isn’t this just another argument in favor of cremation? I know several religions don’t buy into it, but honestly, when we start running out of land in which to bury our dead shouldn’t we look at options? These creepy organizations would be resorting to such disgusting tactics if there wasn’t a demand for graves.

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