A lawyer for the afterlife

What happens when you die?

Victor Zammit, an Australian attorney believes he has made the case that there is “undeniable scientific evidence” proving there is life after death.


In this video, Mr. Zammit discusses what to expect to happen when you die.  Mr. Zammit identifies eight possible types of crossing over to the afterlife.

So far so good.

But not so fast.

The last type of crossing over mentioned by Mr. Zammit describes people who are “so rigid in their religious thinking” that their crossing over will be adversely impacted.

Those people go to a special place where they are forced to join others who are also inflexible in their thinking.  According to Mr. Zammit, that creates a “very awkward situation.”  But he suggests that if it gets too awkward with all the stubborn and unyielding folks, one can just call out for help, and help will come.

Wait a second….Mr. Zammit isn’t describing afterlife.  Coming from a family of mixed faiths, he is describing every holiday dinner I have ever been to.

Tiny tophat tip:  Amy W.


~ by siouxsielaw on July 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “A lawyer for the afterlife”

  1. I am not ready to believe him.

  2. Talk about politics instead of religions and you’d be at my family’s table… 😉

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