“[L]egalizing fireworks is one of the best things a state can do for safety.”

Once fireworks are legal, scofflaws no longer need to hide their activities, [the Director of the American Pyrotechnics Association] says. Parents can keep a closer eye on kids and ignite fireworks in safe places. 

“In the areas where fireworks are permitted, people tend to use them appropriately,” [the Director of American Pyrotechnics Association says. “They take the time to plan their activity. They make sure that they read the instructions before use.” 

That is one explanation as to why sales of fireworks have doubled since 1998, but injuries have not.

I have  a different theory.  When you legalize fireworks you open the market to some of the most cautious and rule-abiding people around — the people that actually refrained from buying any illegal fireworks.  These have got to be the people least likely to get injured.

Seriously, who  didn’t buy illegal fireworks growing up?

Even my ultra-serious grandparents used to revel in buying contraband.   Every year we would drive from New Jersey into Chinatown where my grandma would track down someone selling fireworks.   She would drag me from corner to corner until she found the best deal.  And then, she would purchase cases of bricks of fireworks  and smuggle them back into Jersey using bags with fake bottoms (the bags with fake bottoms were my idea — I was really into Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie novels at the time).

Bonus:  Skull Crusher 200 Shot Cake


~ by siouxsielaw on July 4, 2012.

One Response to ““[L]egalizing fireworks is one of the best things a state can do for safety.””

  1. When fireworks are made illegal, only criminals will have fireworks.


    Have a happy Fourth of July,


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