Owner of Miami Heat sues blogger for posting “unflattering” photograph

CNN reports,

 In an act of childishness worthy of his championship players, [Raanan Katz] a minority owner of the Miami Heat NBA team has filed a copyright suit against a blogger for posting a photo of him. He is also suing Google for refusing to take the photo down.


The photo is posted on a blog devoted to reporting alleged rip-offs involving Katz’s commercial real estate operations in Miami.

The photograph at issue shows Mr. Katz at a basketball game with his tongue partially sticking out.  It isn’t the most flattering, but it isn’t that bad.  In fact, it is a little disappointing considering a federal lawsuit has been filed over it.

Feel the chilling effect of Mr. Katz’s suit. I am too afraid of getting sued to post the picture at issue. So, instead enjoy this photograph of a horse sticking its tongue out in a snowy field.

From what is being reported, I don’t see how Mr. Katz’s claims have any merit.  It appears to be nothing more than a SLAPP suit.  Nonetheless, this will be an interesting case to follow.


~ by siouxsielaw on June 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Owner of Miami Heat sues blogger for posting “unflattering” photograph”

  1. I hope he is fined for filing a frivolous lawsuit…the horse should sue for defamation of character!

  2. I would’ve thought if she took the photo herself, then she’d have the rights to it. Or did she find one already on google, and just reproduce it? His fury seems more to do with him being exposed for his real estate dodgy dealings, than being annoyed by an unflattering photo.

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