Hells Angels Sues MTV

Left: Hells Angels Death's Head(tm) Right: Reckless Youth using the same mark without permission.

The Hells Angels are accusing the MTV reality series Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory of illegally using their trademarked Death’s Head logo —  the iconic one that features a skull with wings.  It’s the same logo that got the Alexander McQueen fashion house in hot water a few years ago.  The lawsuit can be found at this link.

The author of one of the articles I read on this mentioned that she felt it was a bit ironic for the Hells Angels to be protecting their trademark.  She writes, “it’s just a little bit amusing that a group whose reputation has been built on an outlaw lifestyle is so happy to use the law when it’s convenient for them. Only in America, folks.

People just don’t get it.  The Hell’s Angels logo is different from most others.   I had the opportunity to speak with Fritz Clapp, the attorney for the Hells Angels, this past summer.  According to Mr. Clapp, when people wrongfully use the Hells Angels name his “main objective is to get the stuff off the market, sequester it and get it destroyed.”  As he explained, “this is a membership mark, which is a wholly different story than commercial brands.”

My hunch is that similar to the McQueen lawsuit, the club isn’t suing just for economic reasons.  The club sues in part to protect the safety of anyone wearing the infringing designs.  As “anyone wearing them would be considered an imposter by club members.”  [source]   And things apparently could get dangerous.

Source:  TMZ

Bonus song:

Love and Rockets — Motorcycle

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One Response to “Hells Angels Sues MTV”

  1. It is a tough call…there are several things different in the second picture that it could be more construed as a tribute or derivation. However, as it is Hells Angels and given their reputation, I don’t know why any one in their right mind would go there.

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