“The bottom line is no woman over 50 should really be wearing fishnets”

That headline is from the Daily Mail.  And like most of the content in a British tabloid, the article written by Liz Jones is utter bunk. The piece mostly focuses on Madonna’s choice in hosiery through the years.   But now and then Ms. Jones makes really annoying quips.   Like this, “For a 53-year-old woman to play the fashionable sex kitten is a bit sad, to be honest. . . .I’m embarrassed for Madonna.”

I don’t know what generation Ms. Jones grew up in, but she has it all wrong.  Madonna is not simply the fashionable sex kitten.  She is much more than that.

This piece by Wesley Morris on Madge is more on target:

Madonna’s genius as an artist has been to remove subtext and eliminate the underground, to put everything out in the open. (I mean, she published a sex book called Sex.) This doesn’t mean she is free of mystery (do you understand “Like a Prayer”?), but, for decades, her entire point is that everything good and important should be mainstream. No one should hide or be hidden. There is no shame in whoever you are.

Wearing fishnets at 53-years-old is precisely what Madonna is all about.  Everything good and important should be mainstream.  And getting old doesn’t mean you have to go into hiding.

No one says it better than 34-year-old Madonna:

“We [] suffer from ageism and that is once you reach a certain age you are not allowed to be adventurous, you are not allowed to be sexual . . .and I think that is rather hideous. . . . A lot of people have said, ‘that is so pathetic . . . I hope she’s not still doing that in ten years.’  [W]ho care’s if I am?  Is there a rule? I mean what are you supposed to just die when you turn forty? That’s basically what everyone wants people to do and think. And I think it is stupid.”


~ by siouxsielaw on April 20, 2012.

11 Responses to ““The bottom line is no woman over 50 should really be wearing fishnets””

  1. Liz Jones sounds like a lonely, bitter woman who has given up on life. She’s 53 but sounds 83. It’s sad, really.

    Her article ends with “After 50 you have no erogenous zones… Cover up.” I find it funny that one of the adjacent headlines says “Tom Cruise, 49, shows off his ripped torso as he goes shirtless…” Alas, poor Tom, time is short. Liz says on your 51st birthday, you’ll wake up flabby and numb. 😛

  2. Wow, that article is the most awful, bitter, misogynistic thing I’ve read in a long time!

  3. Great post.

  4. Well said.

    I could not disagree with Liz more; it sounds like if it were her choice, any woman over 50 should be barred from buying anything except an Alfred Dunner ensemble. Sorry Liz, there is no retirement age for fishnet stockings or any other garment – people should wear what makes them feel happy and confident.

    Madonna is in the entertainment business where ANYTHING goes. She has built her career on pushing boundaries – good for her! I hope she wears fishnets into her 60’s and beyond.

    What is even more ridiculous about the author is in an article a month later she says she is turning into Kate Middleton.


    Sounds like the jealous pot is calling the kettle black.

  5. If Madonna can pull it off, more power to her. (And, BTW, Liz makes a perfectly acceptable Kate 🙂

  6. Amen, sister! I’m well over 40 and plan to keep going strong until they plant me in the ground. Madonna is a great roll model to any middle-Agee who doesn’t want to waste away in a rocking chair.

  7. https://siouxsielaw.com/2012/04/20/the-bottom-line-is-no-woman-over-50-should-really-be-wearing-fishnets/

  8. Um, this is what I meant to say:
    Am totally with you, girl: http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2012/04/spartacus-madonna-aging-disgracefully-and-yolo-rings/

    And Liz Jones just writes awful stuff to get a rise out of people. Negative attention is better than none in her book.

  9. Why do we have such arbitrary rules about fashion and age? Are we reproducing the assumptions of our predecessors? And even if such ‘rules’ were right for some people, why would they be right for artists and musicians, who are professional iconoclasts? For discussion about a rather more conservative profession, see http://amicaecuriae.com/2012/04/29/do-clothes-make-the-woman And thanks for the great blog SiouxieLaw!

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