Corpse abuse at an Ohio funeral home

“Toledo police have arrested a 57-year-old Michigan man and charged him with abuse of a corpse for allegedly “fondling” a woman’s body at a west-side funeral home,” the Toledo-Blade reports.

The family of the deceased is now protesting the funeral home hoping to shut it down.

The man arrested was a part-time employee, and not a licensed mortician.   This means that in the hierarchy of of funeral homes, the individual was a low-level employee, and probably not subject to an extensive background check.  These type of jobs are hard to fill — the employees work all types of hours 365 days a year.  It is sad, but not surprising that this type of thing could happen at a funeral home.



~ by siouxsielaw on March 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Corpse abuse at an Ohio funeral home”

  1. I feel awful for the family. You are right about the help in funeral homes. Those jobs do not pay very well, either.

  2. Gross!!

  3. I too would guess that the guy in more in a low level position such as picking up and transporting the body. My ex worked at and lived above the home while in college and was on call at all hours picking up bodies and performed cleaning duties for only a little above room an board. He could not stand watch horror films because it reminds him of too many real-life scenes. It is not only thankless, it can be dangerous due to bacteria and chemicals in the deceased. I do believe he said they did a driving/background check (he did live there though).

    I feel bad for the family; what a horrid thing to hear. There is something really wrong with someone who would want to molest a corpse, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the funeral parlor itself should be shut down – the employee that witnessed it did the right thing in reporting it and the funeral home complied with standards. Where it sounds like home failed is they should have filed the police report as it would show that they cared more about doing the right thing than their own reputation. No business can have total control of their employees and people would be more understanding of that if once discovered they did everything possible to prevent it from happening again, which would include reporting the offender to the police.

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