One Lovely Blog Award

I am delighted to announce that I have been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” by both Le Professeur GothiqueGothy Two Shoes, Stripy Tights and Dark Delights, and A Grownup Goth!

The rules of this award is to list seven random things about yourself and to present the award to 15 lovely bloggers.

Here are my random facts:

1.   I’m afraid of losing an eyeball.   When I was little, I used to watch “That’s Incredible.”  Several of the episodes featured a guy with only one eye.  On the show, he would cover his remaining eyeball and somehow be able to see out of his empty socket.  He went on to be some type of Reverend or something–

When Ronald Coyne was a little boy in Oklahoma he lost his right eye on a barbed wire fence. But god had fixed it so that he could still see from the empty socket, or that’s what he said. Now you might think that having the sight in his poked-out eye restored would be enough. But where everybody else could see only a hideous oddity, Ronald Coyne saw a killer gimmick and a god-given competitive advantage when it came to beating other crooks and charlatans out of the nickels and dimes of the trusting poor. He figured out the great truth of evangelism, which is, you can get total strangers to cover your cost of living even if they can’t pay their rent or buy food for their children.

2.  Wherever I go, I carry a book with me.  Right now, it is Elf Girl.   

3.  My earliest goth inclination was trying to be like Stevie Nicks.  I even demanded that people call me Stevie.

4. I’m running out of random facts to tell you about myself.  Pretty soon I’ll have to start listing important information like my social security number.

5.  I’m desperately searching for the perfect bat ring.  Something subtle and sophisticated.

6.  I recently was in a car accident.  When I went to write down my insurance information for the other driver, the only thing I had to write with was my black eyeliner pencil.  It was both an awkward and proud moment for me.

7.   A surprisingly high number of people find my blog from searching for manicures and breasturants.

This picture will deliver thousands of people to my blog. Yay?

Previously, I listed seven random facts about myself.  Here they are:

1.  Plays the piano, guitar and oboe;

2.  Experimenting with white nail polish while typing this;

3.  Recently dreamed that my yoga practice would transform me into some type of gothy spider woman, complete with wall-climbing powers and an awesome costume.   Alas, it was just a dream;

4.  Born blonde, will die black;

5.  Shopping for a replacement for Fluevog mary jane shoes; suggestions/recommendations welcomed; (UPDATE, I settled on a pair of Doc Marterns Mary Janes)

6.  Bark is as bad as bite;

7.  A bit a rule breaker; and

8.  Afraid of Libertarians.

And here is the list of  lovely blogs  that haven’t yet been nominated that should be.

1.  The Night’s Plutonian Store

2.  Ruffles Not Diets

3.  Shoes and Yoga

4.   Melodee Writes

5.   Lady Euphoria Deathwatch

6.  The Purple Broom

Photo Credit:  The Iconizer


~ by siouxsielaw on March 13, 2012.

6 Responses to “One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. breasteraunts FTW!!! 🙂

    Ok, that’s too effin cool about writing down your insurance information with black eyeliner. That sounds straight out of a novel of about some bad-ass city heroine with a gun strapped to her leg.

    I’m also gonna assume you don’t like Lucio Fulci horror movies b/c of your eyeball phobia. 🙂

    On a serious note: if you hadn’t already been nominated for this award a gazillion times I woulda given it to you. Your blog was honestly the first goth blog I started reading and your blogroll directed me to all of the others. I totally started blogging because of you and even started my blog on wordpress (I’ve since moved to blogger) because when setting up my blog I asked myself where my favorite blog was and if Siouxsie Law likes wordpress I should set up there too. So okay, enough gushing but I thought you should know. Thanks for having a great blog. 🙂

    • Wow. I am beyond honored. This is going on my press page. Seriously, thanks a lot. Your comments are so sweet. I should tell you that I am relieved to learn you have some background with makeup; I have been intimidated as of late since you came to town. I love your blog too. And no, I do not like Lucio Fulci horror movies. Ouch!

  2. Ahh thank you again Siouxsie 🙂 I’m a bit behind on posts with Melodee Wrties as I’m extremely preggo, the little person should have landed on earth last week. This is something I want to do in return though as it’s a great way to share super lovely blogs; bear with me, it’s all womb, womb womb at the moment and I need to rescue my brain first 😉 Ongoing love and admiration for your law…will be checking out Elf Girl. xxx

  3. […] I was nominated by the awesome Siouxsie Law for the One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you so […]

  4. I have the same Dr. Martens Mary Janes. So comfortable!

    Congrats on the award! You deserve it. I love your blog!

  5. Born blonde just like Dita.

    Mwah – if I didn’t love you as much as I do I would love you even more for that.

    The blog nomination shout out makes me want to send you red fishnet tights.

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