Rings Ipsa Loquitur



It’s that time of the month again.
Victorian Kitty at Sophistique Noir is hosting another blogging event. This month the theme is rings!

Rings (from top to bottom) —  green plastic ring with plastic with tinfoil on inside; onyx ring; skull ring with wedding band, and peridot ring; random ring; snake ring; worry ring; and last, but not least, my poison ring.

Nails:  Illamasqua‘s Muse

Bonus fun fact:

Peridot is a great gemstone for goths.  According to Goth Magick, it is a “creativity crystal . . . for people who feel hampered by the rules of society. . . . [P]eridot is a great boost to personal freedom.  Depressives can also find solace here. . . . Peridot is fantastic for dark wiccans as it can keep them from becoming ‘too dark.'”    Squee!


~ by siouxsielaw on February 1, 2012.

16 Responses to “Rings Ipsa Loquitur”

  1. Striking imagery. Love it. (and LOVE those nails)

  2. Great picture. Very cool.

  3. That is definitely one of the reasons the Peridot ring my boyfriend got me is my favourite ring!

  4. Everyone has such fabulous collections! Definitely getting some ring envy. Peridot is a beautiful stone–a friend of mine is working on a line of Lyme Awareness jewelry made from peridot and I am eagerly awaiting its release.

  5. Wow, your photo is striking, and I love all of your rings. The snake ring and the random elaborate silver one are especially great!

  6. Lovely dark, moody image! I had a terrible time figuring out how to display rings while wearing them, but you nailed it!

    I love the onyx and “random ring” the best!

  7. Nice rings and loved hearing about the bonus fact of the Peridot – had never heard that before.

  8. Wonderful presentation of your rings! Very Goth-worthy imagery there. =)

    Peridot is my birthstone and I always HATED it growing up. I thought it was the ugliest of all birthstones. My attitude softened when the stone in my high school class ring turned out so beautiful. I can say I like it now, but I had never heard of all those nice qualities! And I certainly had never thought of my birthstone as being gothic in any form. That’s pretty cool!

  9. Beautiful rings and fantastic photograph as always. So many posts to catch up on here again. A treat in gorgeousness.

  10. had to download that image ^_^
    looks perfect and you have a nice ring-collection!

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