Cape Fear

The lovely folks at FRAAS were kind enough to send me this cape to review.

It comes in black, magenta, dark red, peacock and blue grape.  I requested black, of course.  It is very comfortable, elegantly witchy, and perfect for the days between fall and winter.  FRAAS also has a graffiti-style scarf that looks pretty cool.

The cape is not club wear, but it is very practical.  Plus, it would work well in a chilly office.  Or a drafty house.  To liven it up a bit, I’ve been wearing spikes with it.

Here, I’m wearing a recent vintage find — a real-leather punk bracelet from the 1970’s (not a Hot Topic bracelet made in China).  The bracelet probably weighs a pound; it is so well made.

It had to have been worn by the tiniest punk girl ever or a small punk child. Either way, the bracelet fits my dainty wrist perfectly.

I love to buy vintage, not just because the quality.  I love all the stores in my town.  And I like the whole idea that each piece has its own story and past.  Plus, I like to believe that some pieces have their former owner’s energy or mojo attached.  I wish I had more of a knack for vintage shopping and more patience; it can be so rewarding.

Cape — gifted by FRAAS

Bracelet — thrift store

Dress —  Darling

Boots — Fluevogs (eBay)

Pose — Wendy Brandes


~ by siouxsielaw on November 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “Cape Fear”

  1. It may not be club wear, but it looks like a great fall cape. Not too dramatic for daily wear, but just enough to give a stylish flare to a casual outfit.

  2. Very cute and the edges ripple enough to have a nice “frill” to it without looking too frumpy.
    BTW I looooooooove those boots!

  3. Just remember, studded bracelets may be illegal in some states. (Massachusetts comes to mind).

  4. I love capes!
    How lucky you are to receive this one. It looks great!
    I have a collection myself and will show them soon. 🙂

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