Pirating dance moves

I hope this choreography isn’t copyrighted. If it isn’t, I’m totally stealing these moves for the next goth night (oh, and the belts too).

For more on whether dance moves can be subject to copyright, check out the recent bruhaha surrounding Beyonce’s latest dance video.

Tiny top hat tip — La


~ by siouxsielaw on October 26, 2011.

13 Responses to “Pirating dance moves”

  1. I was hoping for literal pirate dancing, but…love it!! Especially love all the choice Seattle sites – the gasworks park, the troll under the bridge.

  2. The moves are pretty sweet, but I have a hard time getting past her superb hair! And I hardly ever have hair envy. Love.

  3. ***LOVE*** They are AWESOME and, like you, I am SO stealing.

    By the way, I have a surprise for you:


  4. Reminds me I’ve had some interesting experience with people “borrowing” my designs lately…

  5. Oy, if copyright on dance moves isn’t the best example of copyright excess…. Because new choreography isn’t totally based on previous works or anything, isn’t usually basically creative re-mixing of previously existing dance moves, no no, I’m sure this won’t harm creativity in the long run at all.

    I love the video though. I have an insane fondness of the random people in home made music or dance videos like this. I love Green Shirt in Gas Works Park for his studied nonchalance occasionally broken by throwing them weird looks.

  6. Ok, but this is infinitely more amusing. 😉

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