I’m J-Dog

For those not familiar with the Rakofsky case, it involves a young lawyer, Joseph Rakofsky, who sued a number of well-known legal bloggers, after they criticized his handling of a murder trial.

By way of background, the whole thing started when The Washington Post reported that the judge overseeing the case was “’astonished’ at Rakofsky’s performance and his ‘not having a good grasp of legal procedures.’ And that Rakofsky’s performance was ‘below what any reasonable person would expect in a murder trial.”  The original Washington Post article is at this link. [source]

Not surprising, after The Washington Post published its story, law bloggers chimed in with their commentary. Those who did so are now named as defendants.

Several months later Rakofsky is still at it. Just recently, Rakofsky moved to amend his complaint for a second time — this time adding 15 new defendants. Full story on that is at this link. He is also seeking sanctions against the attorney who initially filed his lawsuit.

And according to the above link, Rakofsky now wants to go after anonymous legal bloggers by issuing subpoenas to Google to get information on them.

One such anonymous blogger that Rakofsky sued went by the name of J-Dog.

From what I have read on other blogs, Rakofsky sued J-Dog for opining that Rakofsky is a symptom of a broken system.

My Law License quotes J-Dog as blogging the following —

The system is completely broken. It cannot filter out people like Rakofsky; instead it allows them to flow through by the thousands and onto an unsuspecting marketplace. It has no training safeguards to ensure that people handling murder cases can actually handle murder cases. The more hubris-filled unemployed attorneys will do exactly what Rakofsky did; his story made the rounds, others’ do not. But he is by no means unique. He is exactly what happens when you license type A personalities to do things before they’ve actually shown they can do it.

In answer to Mr. Rakofsky’s discovery request and in accord with the above quote let me just say that “I’m J-Dog.”

[This post was edited to fix an error.]


~ by siouxsielaw on October 26, 2011.

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