The dark side of wedding gowns

Gothic brides rejoice: black is chic, elegant, and Vera Wang-approved for weddings.

I am completely in love with these gowns.  Even if this is just a one-off stunt to keep Vera Wang relevant, I don’t care.  I am spellbound by Vera Wang’s witchcraft inspired dresses.

“The show notes for Vera Wang’s bridal show read ‘Witchcraft’ and out came a march of nude siren gowns with tumbled tulle skirts, each with intricate details in organza or lace appliqués.”

Photo credit–WWD

Bonus (unrelated to Vera Wang) video via The Ultimate Goth Guide —

Tiny top hat tip — Kat G.


~ by siouxsielaw on October 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “The dark side of wedding gowns”

  1. Gorgeous!! I’d wear the first one, for sure. Except (1) I’m already married and (2) our wedding was in a trailer (ie, the “temporary office” of the local county clerk while the real building was being renovated). Yeah, it was pure class. ;-D The judge was wearing green slippers and there was a dead cockroach in the bathroom. Vera Wang probably would have been a *bit* under-appreciated at that location. 🙂 If money was no object, I’d just wear those to the clubs. Now I’m dreaming…

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