Rich Bloch – The World’s Greatest Magic Arbitrator

The Washington Post recently featured an article on Rich Bloch, one of D.C.’s most successful attorneys.  Bloch is one of the country’s top labor arbitration attorneys.  He handles matters involving multimillion-dollar salary packages and settlements for major league athletes and huge companies.

But there is another side to Bloch.  A side that he kept secret until several years ago; he is also a professional magician.  He has performed his act all around the world. Mr. Bloch invented magical clocks, and was invited by the late Orson Welles to consult on different projects.  Recently, he opened the Dickens Theater in Millville, Delaware where he performs year round.  Road trip!

I am a fan of Mr. Bloch.  Not just because of his secret dark side.  But because he is married to one of my favorite former law professors, Susan Bloch.

The Washington Post’s story on Bloch is here.

Being a lawyer magician sounds pretty cool —

Once or twice a week through most of the year, the Blochs shuttle back and forth between Bethany Beach and Washington, where they share a house in Wesley Heights with one dog, two cats and a hyacinth macaw that performs card tricks then eats the card. From the third floor of the house, in a sunny office lined with books such as “The Annals of Conjuring” and “The Handbook of Mental Magic,” Bloch presides over both spheres of his professional life — magic and law — doing his best to keep them separate.

His home office displays a collection of original clocks created by Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin — the French inventor after whom Houdini named himself — along with a 1665 volume of “The Discovery of Witchcraft,” the first English-language book to describe magic tricks.  For photos of his office click on this link.

I love this story.  It gives me hope that someday I can make enough money to buy a spooky little theater of my own in my retirement where I can show horror films, put on burlesque dance shows, and spin goth music all night long.

Photo via Rich Bloch’s — Book of Secrets


~ by siouxsielaw on October 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Rich Bloch – The World’s Greatest Magic Arbitrator”

  1. Hmmm, a lawyer who is an expert at slight of hand. I feel there is a cheesy lawyer joke in there somewhere….
    Also, I saw a lecture by Susan Bloch about the Google Books Settlement that is really the only reason I understand how class-action suits work at all.

    • Hahaha.
      I have never heard her lecture on anything other than Constitutional Law, but I would imagine if she can make Con Law make sense, she can make class actions seem easy.

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