Encyclopedia Gothica

Have you ever gone to dinner with a bunch of non goths and been asked a lot of questions about the subculture?  Now there is a book to help you out of these tricky situations.

Authored by Liisa Ladouceur, Toronto-based music journalist and “unpopular culture” commentator, Encyclopedia Gothica  provides an easy-to-access catalog of all things goth — from absinthe to zombies.  It is an indispensable reference book.

Whether you are researching the history of all things goth, interested in learning more about a specific goth term you have encountered, or just trying to better equip yourself with snarky answers to questions poised by non goths, this book is for you.  An indispensable reference for every goth home, Encyclopedia Gothica includes helpful descriptions of words and phrases commonly used by goths, and covers subjects including goth music, artists, food, literature, and much more!

Bonus —  Check out Ms. Ladouceur’s spooky music podcasts (“Rue Morgue Radio”) at this link.

~ by siouxsielaw on October 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Encyclopedia Gothica”

  1. Here in Seattle, we have Gothic Miss Manners, Jillian Venters. I had no idea she was so huge in the goth scene until I met her at a required unemployment benefits seminar and got to talking with her.

    It’s cool that there’s another book. 🙂 I’d just heard of hers.

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