Lawyers and Lace

It’s that time of month again — time for Sophistique Noir’s monthly theme post.  For October, lace is the theme.

Lace can be a difficult thing to wear at the office.  Corporette devoted an entire post about it here.  I previously blogged about lace and gave some advice as to how to wear it at the office here.

I have a new strategy — combine lace with pinstripes.

Pinstripes and lace (you have to zoom in to see the pinstripes).

Some other examples of pinstripes and lace (though not necessarily appropriate for the office) that I found inspiring can be found herehere, and here.

On my nails, by the way, are Sephora’s Chrome Lace nails decals.

Pinstripe dress — H&M

Lace top — H&M

Black tights — gifted from Kushyfoot.


~ by siouxsielaw on October 1, 2011.

15 Responses to “Lawyers and Lace”

  1. Lace and pinstripe… I *never* would have thought of that, but it works really well. Actually, it makes a wonderful combo! Sephora makes nail decals too? That makes me very happy. These look much nicer than the Sally Hansen lace ones.

    Hmmm… That vintage dress happens to be my size… Thanks for tempting me with shopping so early in the morning. 😀

  2. Good combo. That’s a great look.

  3. It’s not easy to understand what goes on the work and don’t. I tried my demonian boots on friday and by the glance (stare) my boss’s boss gave on my feet said, they weren’t ok :). But I’ve never got comments on wearing black. Your outfit is gorgeous. I think you matched the stripes and laces very well.

  4. Lace and pinstripes – you make me happy x

  5. Great combination-it strikes the perfect balance between cute, unique, and professional. Your necklace is a perfect crowning touch-it is so cute! Love it all, and a great job all around. 🙂

  6. Pinstripes instantly class-up an outfit, though that shirt looks like it would be killer on its own.

    Also, you do realize I’m running to Sephora next week to check out those decals, right?

    • Thanks so much. I should warn you that the lace decals photographed better than they appeared in person. In person, they just look like silver (which isn’t bad, just not very lacy). Also, I have had good luck using their decals in the past, but this time I applied them over polish (I was lazy), and it didn’t go well. Follow the instructions….

  7. I’ve got to try that combination!

  8. Great outfit & fantastic nails!

  9. Oooh, lace nails! I’m glad I came here for that alone. Being a fan of both lace and pin stripes, I heartily approve. It kind of carries that tough/soft juxtaposition that I always love, doesn’t it?

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