Goth forgive me for what I am about to blog

Over a year ago, The Gothic Council linked Taylor Swift to all things goth, and named her a goth icon in the making.  The Gothic Council found the covers of her latest album and Rasputina’s album “Cabin Fever” to be nearly identical.  At the time, the whole thing sounded absolutely crazy.

Then, Ms. Swift made her network television acting debut on CSI playing a dead goth girl.

More recently, the Gothic Council took note that Ms. Swift’s music has recently been featured in True Blood and that she looks “half Christine Daae, half Magenta from Rocky Horror, [as she] desperately hammers a bell to toll the sorrow of her soul in the song “Haunted.”

The folks at the Gothic Council may have been making a tongue and cheek joke about the whole thing, but maybe they were actually on to something.

Others are now making the Taylor Swift-goth connection.  By others, I mean Tavi Gevinson of The Style Rookie.  Ms. Gevinson posted this piece of performance art featuring Taylor Swift’s music and excellent use of black lipstick.

Is this all a coincidence?  I’ll have to ask my ouija board.


~ by siouxsielaw on September 18, 2011.

One Response to “Goth forgive me for what I am about to blog”

  1. I hope that someone on her mgmt team is nervous about this post. I bet they are going to have a meeting.

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