Are those bats on her dress?

I previously dubbed this Sourpuss dress the “dress of the year.”   A bat dress can be a little cliche, but that is fine with me.  After I posted about the dress, I bought one (of course).  And, I have worn it a great deal.  So often, in fact, that just about everyone I know (friends, family, neighbors) have seen me in it.

Recently, I wore it on the beach on vacation.  I dressed up because we were walking along the beach to get to a restaurant.  Perfectly normal.  Perfectly natural.

Apparently, my somewhat uptight and conservative uncle saw a picture at my mom’s house of me wearing this dress on the beach.

Below is the conversation (more or less) that followed:

Uncle to mom — Are those bats on her dress?!?

Mom to uncle — Yes.

Uncle to mom — Didn’t she know she was at the beach?!?

Mom — I suppose she did.

Uncle to mom — Why would she wear a dress with bats on the beach?!?

Mom — That is how she always dresses.

Uncle to mom — Arghh grumble grumble [or insert some other inaudible sound of disgust]

What does all this mean?  It is a great dress.  Seriously, if it can provoke a reaction like that from my uncle, just imagine what it can do for you.  Highly recommend.


~ by siouxsielaw on August 24, 2011.

12 Responses to “Are those bats on her dress?”

  1. What? Bats can’t go to the beach?

    Your uncle needs some panache in his life! Send him a bat tie or sweater.

  2. Wait…are you related to my boyfriend? We went to the beach with his family once and it was bad enough I brought a parasol and no bathing suit, but they convinced me to take off my shoes and saw my bat tattoo. “At least it’s a mammal,” his dad said. What does that even mean?

    That’s an amazing dress, though. I’m lusting over it incredibly. It would totally go with my new bat shoes:

    • Hah! I could be. I’m from Jersey.
      I’m going to have to use your boyfriend’s dad’s “mammal” line next time someone gives my gruff about my bats.
      Your shoes are fantastic. You do not understand how badly I need them. Are they comfortable? I don’t wear flats unless they are super comfy.

      • Okay, here’s my verdict after the morning: I ordered a size up because the website said and I am SO GLAD I did. They also run fairly narrow, so if you have anything but a normal foot (or super narrow one), you might find them uncomfortable. They’re a bit stiff, but I’m sure they’ll break in fine after a day or two.

      • Okay. I just ordered a pair. I’ll report back soon.

  3. Ha. Dress looks great on you. I bet it looked great at the beach, too.

  4. Awsome dress!
    I want one, too!!!

  5. Lol! I love your review of the dress. I have some extended family members I’d love to try it out on! Besides, it’s gorgeous and I love how you paired it with the black blouse. You did a good thing taking them to the beach with you. Bats deserve to have fun, too.

    Luna, ROFL about the “mammal” comment. I shall remember that one, for sure!! I never realized that would help people be more accepting. ;-D

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