Cat Ear Copyright Lawsuit Settles

Cat ears are not only cute, they are big business.

For nearly a decade, cosplay model and designer Yaya Han has designed and sold cat ear products.  Ms. Han’s kawaii designs are known for their particular size and shape of the cat ears, and also for the feathers and embellishments she adds to them.   Ms. Han’s designs are registered with the United States Copyright Office.

Last year, Ms. Han discovered that a company, Happy Sun Enterprises, was selling cat ears substantially identical to hers.

See for yourself:

In a lawsuit filed last year, Ms. Han sued Happy Sun Enterprises for copyright infringement.   During discovery, Happy Sun revealed that it had used Ms. Han’s cat ears to develop a competing line in Korea.   Happy Sun then imported approximately 51,225 cat ears into the United States, and undercut Ms. Han’s price.  Ms. Han believes that since 2008 Sun Enterprises has sold over $230,000 worth of cat ears.

Last week, Ms. Han and Sun Enterprises settled their dispute.

Ms. Han modeling a cat woman costume that she designed.

If Ms. Han looks like the cat that ate the canary, she should.  Although the details have not be released, Happy Sun Enterprises agreed to stop manufacturing its line of cat ears and will refrain from selling any remaining in stock.

Source — Convention Fans Blog

Bonus video:

For more kawaii goodness, check out Neurowear’s set of cat ears that move with your emotions (personally, I prefer Ms. Han’s designs):


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