Courtney Love tests the legal limits of social media (again)

Courtney Love looks amazing with dark hair in this photograph.

Hollywood, Esq. reports that former lawyers for Courtney Love filed a lawsuit suit against her for tweeting allegedly defamatory comments about them.  For those who don’t remember, Ms. Love just recently settled a lawsuit brought by a fashion designer who claimed to have been defamed by Ms. Love’s tweets.

Gordon & Holmes, the San Diego-based law firm that filed suit against Ms. Love, represented her in 2008 in an effort to track down money allegedly stolen from Kurt Cobain’s estate.  Ms. Love became angry with the law firm after one of the attorneys, Rhonda Holmes, requested that Ms. Love stay sober during the case, according to the lawsuit.

[Ms.] Love allegedly fired the firm but came back months later asking it to resume representing her. The firm declined, according to the suit, and soon after Love began making allegedly libelous statements on Twitter and elsewhere suggesting the lawyers had taken a bribe.

Attorney Holmes claims the tweets and other comments have caused significant damage to her legal career, and is asking for punitive damages to prevent Ms. Love from making any more allegedly defamatory comments.

Siouxsie hasn’t seen the complaint, but she is certain of one thing — it seems like Ms. Love would like to get her name in a legal casebook.  Perhaps, Ms. Love’s experience playing Althea Flynt in The People vs. Larry Flynt inspired her to take her career in this direction. These two lawsuits, in any event, will virtually guarantee that Ms. Love is the first person you think of when anyone mentions a lawsuit over tweets.

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~ by siouxsielaw on May 27, 2011.

One Response to “Courtney Love tests the legal limits of social media (again)”

  1. It seems that some people in Show Biz are slow learners. Of course, if everyone followed The Golden Rule, I’d be out of business! 🙂

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