Goths at the Magic Kingdom

One of Siouxsie’s non-goth friends recently came back from a trip to Disney World.   While he was there, he met this couple, and took a photo for this blog.

Goths and Disney go together like salt and mangoes.  You wouldn’t think they go together but they do.  Siouxsie loves everything about this couple.  The matching colored contact lenses.  The parasol.  The striped arm warmers.  Siouxsie also was told that the young gentleman had a miniature coffin-shaped backpack (painted black) with a white cross painted on it.

As Siouxsie’s source informed her, “[the couple] stood out, to say the least, in a sea of shlumpy, stroller-pushing, t-shirted tourists.”  Love!

Happy Belated Bat’s Day, by the way.

Tiny Top Hat Tip — Tom B.


~ by siouxsielaw on May 19, 2011.

7 Responses to “Goths at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. What a beautiful, styalish couple. His outfit is especially dashing.

    I think that simply dressing nice these days, goth or not, is bound to draw some kind of attention since people seem to slum it more often than not. I was on vacation this past weekend with family and we were stopped by atleast a dozen people (men/women/teenagers), if not more, commenting on my parasol. That same weekend I saw a couple of teens sitting at a riverside park looking lovely in their long black dresses. They were such a sight for sore eyes when compared to the other baggy t-shirt wearing, teva sporting park visitors.

    • He wears it well. It seems so more difficult for men to pull off an outfit with so much style, but he certainly does it.

      And I absolutely agree, there is something about seeing people dressed well and with a slightly unique or different perspective on fashion — it is so refreshing (whatever the style is). It always makes me smile.

  2. Ever hear of Bats Day ?

    There have been “gothic cruises” as well (with VNV Nation even).

  3. Oh beautiful, I love parasols. I nearly bought a black lace one with a black wooden handle at a festival but decided an umbrella was more practical especially on the eyeliner front, naughty British summertime! So wish I bought it now though…Victoriana gorgeousness.

    • The practicality of umbrellas can’t be beaten. If I could get an umbrella that looked like the half-clear half-black umbrella on this site, I would be happy. Or, this black and white one. Probably not within my umbrella/parasol budget. For now, I sport a clear umbrella. It works.

  4. My fave Disneyland memory is from the early 90s — the day after Skinny Puppy played in Los Angeles. Many people had come in from out of town for the show, and lots of them just kind of ended up at D-land at the same time the next day. It was a Very Good Day (after a Very Good Show).

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