Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen sues over rock documentary

Al Jourgensen is not afraid to litigate.

Al Jourgensen seeks an injunction to stop the distribution of a new documentary about his band Ministry.  “Fix: The Ministry Movie” recounts the group’s infamous 1996 SphincTour.

What’s the problem? According to Noise Creep, Jourgensen claims he is owed thousands of dollars and was not given the contractually-required final-cut approval.

He told the Los Angeles Times,

The bottom line is this: it boils down to breach of contract in a lot of different ways… In any contract signed throughout the history of the filming of this, it was understood and in writing and approved and signed by everyone that I would have final cut approval of this film being shown anywhere, let alone being released. I never got that.

The film premiered last month at the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival.  But because of the lawsuit, it likely won’t be shown anywhere else anytime soon.

As reported by the Chicago Reader, Jourgensen maintains that all showings of the film are illegal —

A March 28 letter signed by Jourgensen’s attorney . . . claims that ‘exhibition of [Fix] has not been authorized by Mr. Jourgensen or by Ministry and that . . . unauthorized screening of the Picture may subject [one] to legal proceedings. . . . Demand is hereby made that [the producers]  immediately cease and desist from any further promotion or use of the Picture, and that [they] cancel the proposed showings of the Picture. . . . [F]ailure to comply with [these] demands . . . will very quickly result in [Jourgensen] initiating legal action . . . to protect their legal rights.’ An April 6 letter from [Jourgensen’s attorney] adds the claim that the paperwork for the distribution deal is forged, and that Jourgensen did not sign it—a charge the filmmakers deny.

Siouxsie hasn’t seen the pleadings, but she would be willing to bet against Jourgensen.  Though, it should be noted, Siouxsie is biased.  She is a long-time Ministry fan and would really really really like to see this film.

Photo of Al Jourgensen from SpoiltCat.

Trailer for Fix


~ by siouxsielaw on May 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen sues over rock documentary”

  1. Love the trailer. Never trust a junkie. Could this all be publicity stunt?

  2. May well be a publicity stunt. Trailers are awesome. Ministry were awesome till Barker left. Al J was amazing but not without the right collaborators who bring out the magic. Good luck to all of them but it would be great to see this pic released. Wish Al would relax that sphincter and let it be.

  3. I’d really like to see the film too!

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