Growing it out — Goodbye Louise, Hello Bettie

This is a rough approximation of Siouxsie's current hair.

Siouxsie is growing it out.

Maybe it is mostly because of Sophistique Noir (a.k.a. Victorian Kitty) who has fabulous hair and is always changing it up.  Just recently, Ms. Kitty posted a hair tutorial that featured buns.  This is exactly what Siouxsie has been trying to do (mostly for yoga class).  But with short hair, it is nearly impossible to get such nice buns.

Or perhaps, it is because Siouxsie has spent way to much time tonight watching video from Ann Demeulemeester’s  most recent collection, which features models sporting long and spikey hair.  Who knows?

You can check back in 3 or 4 months to see if Siouxsie’s hair is any longer or not.  If it is longer, Siouxsie will post a photo of Bettie Paige.


~ by siouxsielaw on April 28, 2011.

7 Responses to “Growing it out — Goodbye Louise, Hello Bettie”

  1. Good luck. The hair in the Ann Demeulemeester video is awesome.

  2. I’m honored to be a possible factor in your decision to grow your hair long. 🙂 Although I do love the sample style you posted representing your current hair. I could never pull off a look like that!!

    Awesome hair indeed in the video. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Far be it from me to discourage your choice of a new hair style. But I will say that Louise Brooks is my candidate for the Hottest Woman Who Ever Lived. I’m sure if you abandon your Brooksian bob, it’s for good reason. Just know that some will be saddened by the knowledge that there will be one less such ‘do in the world.

    This reminds me to watch “Pandora’s Box”  this weekend. People make a fuss over “Metropolis” as the great 1920’s German movie, but Louise Brooks in “Der Büchse der Pandora” gives one of the most astonishing screen performances ever. And Pabst had the nerve to elicit and shape Brooks’ force-of-Nature sensuality to remarkable artistic ends. I also often wonder how much Alban Berg had Louise Brooks in mind when he composed his last, unfinished opera, “Lulu.” But wandering into nightmarish 12-tone screeching is probably not what either of us would have in mind when thinking of Louise Brooks, Lulu as she may have been. So, I’ll just wish you well in your endeavor, and be content to see Lulu, vulnerable, wise, sad and defiant, looking out at us after all these years.

  4. I did it the other way and went from Bettie to Louise this last year…but in pink! I miss buns too but can have very tiny sticky out bunches if need be. A hundred brush strokes at night will stimulate growth..good luck!

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