“Like a Rolling Stone”

“Once upon time” . . .Siouxsie would like to share a reading from Greil Marcus’s “Like a Rolling Stone.”

The book is Marcus’s long-winded and mildly pompous examination of Dylan’s masterwork.  Marcus writes 50 pages, for example, on the fact that the song opens with a snare hit.  It’s pompous because Marcus doesn’t “get” the genius of the Replacements’ cover of the song.

But this passage hit home for Siouxsie.  Greil Marcus explains how he thought the song “Like a Rolling Stone” relates to him directly —

I always thought it was my story, in a certain sense.  I used to go to the finest schools.  Nobody ever taught you how to live out on the street.  So, to me, coming from private schools, and my background, being a preppy, ending up at Berkeley, and all of a sudden, taking drugs, things change, you’re no longer in a private school, all of a sudden you’re running around with Ken Kesey, Hell’s Angels, and drug dealers — and one of them’s the Mystery Tramp.  At some Acid Test, and some weirdo comes up to you, with a beard, a top hat — you stare into the vacuum of his eyes, and ask him, do you want to make a deal.  That happened to me.  Too many times.

Greil Marcus, Like a Rolling Stone at 89 (emphasis in original).

Marcus makes a stong case for adding “Masked and Anonymous” to Siouxsie’s Netflix queue. How could a movie with such a great title get so many bad reviews?

Marcus recommends this cover — It is pretty great.


~ by siouxsielaw on April 5, 2011.

2 Responses to ““Like a Rolling Stone””

  1. whew. pretty strong stuff. it’s true how little some schools prepare you for handling life on the outside.

    spoken today in a class at my LL.M. program at a T14 school:
    “see, some of us, we’ll argue cases before the supreme court, we’ll get published, and we’ll really make something of ourselves. regular people, maybe the most exciting thing they’ll ever do is get married, so that’s really important to them.”

    jeez. let them eat wedding cake?

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