Lace at the office

Lace at the office

Over at Corporette there is an ongoing discussion about whether lace is appropriate for the office.  Siouxsie votes yea.

Corporette advises that “[] lace is only appropriate for the office if it’s a) clearly meant to be seen, and b) does not call to mind bedroom, lingerie, or boudoir.”

If you follow this advice, you will be just fine.   Siouxsie would add, look for hem lines that are clean and straight.  Avoid anything with fringe.  Make sure the dress/skirt has a lining, either black or white/ivory.  Pair it with opaque tights.  Keep your shoes simple (and black (of course)).  And wear a jacket or cardigan to break up the look.

Corporette also discourages lace overlaid on a tan lining.   Siouxsie would like to echo this sentiment, but not because tan lining suggests skin beneath it.  But because Siouxsie has a strong aversion to the colors tan, beige or brown.

So, give it a go.  Give lace a chance.

Lace at the office by Siouxsie Law featuring cardigan sweaters

Bonus video:

Minuet Petite black lace cocktail dress
50 GBP –

Drape cardigan
18 GBP –

Cardigan sweater
$330 –

Black legging
$8.72 –

Azzedine Alaia high heels
1,100 GBP –

Calvin Klein platform pumps
$72 –

Soho Hearts diamond bracelet
113 EUR –

Prism square sunglass
$315 –


~ by siouxsielaw on March 31, 2011.

4 Responses to “Lace at the office”

  1. ooh. those calvin klein heels are nice.

  2. Leather and Lace is a great song.

  3. Those Azzedine Alaia high heels are a dream. Does anyone feel like loaning me [read: donating to me] $ 1,765.04 so that my feet can be happy? I swear it’s a good cause.

  4. […] Lace can be a difficult thing to wear at the office.  Corporette devoted an entire post about it here.  I previously blogged about lace and gave some advice as to how to wear it at the office here. […]

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