Your Honor, more water for the jury

Fuel for rational thought?

Siouxsie doesn’t like to brag, but let’s just say that if you were going to go on a road trip with her, you would use the restroom first.   She may not suffer from lutropublicaphobia, but Siouxsie will go Tycho Brahe before she will use a public restroom.

Here is the good news.  A recent study, to to be published in Psychological Science,  finds that people who are better at controlling their bladder are also better at making decisions.  The researcher had two groups of volunteers drink different amounts of water — one group drank five cups, the other drank five sips.  The volunteers were then asked to make choices that involved either instant gratification or a larger, down-the-road award.

Turns out, the people who drank more — and whose bladders were more full — practiced more self control and chose the delayed award.

The researcher speculates that the same area of the brain controls all feelings of inhibition.  So she thinks that if someone is practicing a high level of self control in one area, they should be able to better control other unrelated impulses.

To be honest, this whole thing sounds like utter bunk to Siouxsie.  But before meeting with a client, you may now want to think about whether to offer them no water, a little bit of water, or a lot of water.

Source:  Metafilter

The one and only, Tycho Brahe.


Actually, Tycho Brahe probably did not die from holding his pee.

Similarly, you cannot expire or get a urinary tract infection from holding it.

T. Boone Pickens has diversified his portfolio and is buying lots of water.

If you drink water, you must check out this trailer for “Tapped.”


~ by siouxsielaw on March 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Your Honor, more water for the jury”

  1. This study makes it harder to defend someone accused of urinating in public. Tapped looks great. Bottled water is such a scam. Unless, it is Smart Water. That stuff is great.

  2. i second the smart water thing. that and red gatorade will keep you alive after a day of… overconsumption, let’s say.

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