Benny Hinn Sued for Breach of Contract

A Christian book publisher sued televangelist Benny Hinn for allegedly violating a morality clause in their book contract.  The lawsuit claims that Benny Hinn violated the morality clause by engaging in a “romantic” and “inappropriate” relationship with Paula White, another popular minister.  Now, the publisher wants its $300,000.00 advance back.

The National Enquirer published photos of Hinn holding hands with minister Paula White while exiting and entering a hotel in Rome.

The lawsuit claims that Hinn acknowledged the “inappropriate relationship” with White and agreed to pay the publisher back the money owed under the morality clause.    According the complaint, however, the book publisher never received the money.

Hinn and White have not publicly acknowledged their affair.  Even though both are now divorced.  Siouxsie speculates that the suit did not settle because Benny Hinn cannot admit to any relationship with Paula White.  So, this matter is being litigated to try to keep the cash and salvage some of Hinn and White’s respective reputations.

The suit does not explicitly state how and when Hinn admitted to the affair.  But, if the publisher has the goods, then Hinn will likely have to give back the advance.  Hinn’s alleged affair would almost certainly violate the morality clause of the agreement.

A copy of the lawsuit is at this link.

Source:   Orlando Sun Sentinel


~ by siouxsielaw on February 24, 2011.

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  1. Those who thump the Bible loudest…

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