T.I. and MTV Sued For Including Footage of a Corpse in a Reality Show

“The relatives of a dead man whose body was filmed in Atlanta as part of ‘T.I.’s Road To Redemption’ MTV reality show are suing the rapper, MTV, and an Atlanta funeral home.”

The lawsuit  alleges that the Haugabrooks Funeral Home was paid to cremate the body of a young man named Joseph Williams.  But before Mr. Williams was cremated, the funeral home allowed T.I. to film the corpse for the first episode of the television show entitled “You are Responsible for Your Own Actions.”  In the episode, T.I. shows the corpse, which is referred to as a “hustler,” to a teenager to try to scare him from entering a life of crime.   The family of Mr. Williams claims that they did not give their consent to have the body filmed and are now suing for emotional distress.

The footage also appears in the preview for the show.  In the video, the face of the corpse is blurred out.

For those not familiar with the television series, the reality show focuses on T.I.’s final 45 days  before the serving a prison sentence for gun charges.  During this time, T.I. tries to encourage teenagers to avoid the mistakes that he has made.  Although T.I. has since served his one-year sentence, in November 2010, T.I. violated probation and is now back in prison in Arkansas with a scheduled release date in September.


~ by siouxsielaw on February 13, 2011.

One Response to “T.I. and MTV Sued For Including Footage of a Corpse in a Reality Show”

  1. This suit seems like a cash grab by the late “hustler’s” family. I’m sorry for their loss, but think their case is weak.

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