No Nutella To Tell

As reported by Top Class Actions,

A federal class action lawsuit claims Ferrero USA deceptively advertises its Nutella spread as a “nutritious” and “healthy breakfast,” even though it contains dangerous levels of saturated fat and processed sugars and is “the next best thing to a candy bar.”

A San Diego mother filed the Nutella class action lawsuit claiming that she bought the popular hazelnut spread because of its advertisements that show a mother feeding it to “happy, healthy children” and its label that says it’s “nutritious,” a “healthy breakfast,” and depicts fresh fruits, whole wheat bread and orange juice. This message is also repeated on the Nutella website, which says it “contains quality ingredients, such as skim milk and a hint of cocoa, that moms can serve as part of a balanced breakfast.”

This lawsuit has been reported just about everywhere.  The ABA Journal wrote about it here, the WSJ blogged it at this link, Top Class Actions wrote about here, and Above the Law mentioned it here.

There is a joke that goes something like this:  I recently found out I am allergic to chocolate.  Whenever I eat it, I break out in fat.

There may be some health benefits to chocolate and hazelnut consumption.  But anyone who is unaware of the calorie count and fat content in these items is a dope.  Seriously, just read the label.  It is all the fat of hazelnuts plus the calories and fat of chocolate.

On the other hand, Siouxsie went to high school with a girl who had French parents and she ate Nutella sandwiches for lunch everyday.  She was slim and athletic.  So who knows, maybe it is a health food.

Enjoy this bonus video from Love and Rockets:

You cannot go against nature because when you do go against nature it’s part of nature. too.

Photo Credit:  JesseBezz


~ by siouxsielaw on February 3, 2011.

11 Responses to “No Nutella To Tell”

  1. In France chocolate is an element in breakfast foods 99.9% of the time. After living there for a year, seeing Nutella marketed as healthy doesn’t bother me. If you honestly think that gobbing Nutella spread on bread (no matter how delicious and mouthwatering as it is) is going to give your child a healthy nutritious breakfast then packaging claims are the least of your problems.

  2. so true, all the way through. (and i love that song.)

  3. My wife, having lived in France for several years and having learned to cook there à la Julia Child, acquired several French food ingredient fetishes. These include moutarde Amora (ahooah!), and, of course, Nutella.

    Like Siouxsie’s high school friend, our 14-year-old often takes Nutella sandwiches to school. If he doesn’t get his dose at lunch, he comes home and snacks on Nutella slathered on thick slices of bread.

    He’s also slim and athletic.

    Does that mean I can’t joint the lawsuit? Damn! We need some help paying for all this imported food.

    • I have no choice but to try moutarde Amora now. Curious to see if it is as good as Nutella.

    • When I was in France I had a friend from Lille who was the skinniest, gawkiest guy you will ever see. He said growing up he came home from school and ate a whole baguette slathered in Nutella for an after school snack. I was so jealous, because that ritual never made him gain a pound.

  4. With this morning’s Sunday tabloid we received the gift of a Biggest Loser Australia calorie counter. Cue the horrified shrieks – a cup of hummus has 631 calories. In other words, if you want a healthy snack that won’t make you break out in fat you get to enjoy a tablespoon of hummus with your celery sticks (23 calories). A tablespoon of Nutella is 100 calories Personally I’d rather go for a run & go with the Nutella.

  5. […] A little over a year ago, consumers brought a class action against Nutella.  The consumers were stupid enough to believe that Nutella is actually a health food.  I blogged about it at this link. […]

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