Include Digital Life In Your End Of Life Planning

Yesterday, the Old Gray Lady posted on Cyberspace When You Are Dead.  Siouxsie has written about this topic before:  HERE and HERE.  We are all going to die.  But, your digital life may  live on.  Facebook Twitter and all the other social networking sites have individual policies with regard to how they handle your account after you die.  The NYT highlights several different companies offering services to help you maintain your digital life from beyond the grave.  But, you don’t really need these companies.  You need a plan.  At a minimum, make sure someone has your passwords and can execute your wishes.  You can do this old school, and  simply give the information to a spouse/partner/mistress, relative or even an attorney.  So, plan ahead.  No one makes it out of here alive.


~ by siouxsielaw on January 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “Include Digital Life In Your End Of Life Planning”

  1. Oh no… this is going to give me sleepless nights! It reminds me of my height of gothdom and when I would put on full make up before bedtime ‘just in case I died in my sleep’. Can I give you my passwords? 😉

    • Hahaha.

      You don’t want me to have your passwords. I undoubtedly would use them to look through all your information, and to send weird and random messages to your friends.

      Maybe you are on to something with quitting facebook. One less digital legacy to worry about.

  2. this is a standard discussion point now whenever i talk estate planning with anyone. no one ever thinks about this stuff until it’s too late…

    • I interviewed a retired mortician a couple of years ago whose family has been in the business for over a hundred years. Even my interviewee didn’t have a will or any kind of estate planning done. He hadn’t purchased a plot, hadn’t told his family what his burial wishes were, or discusses his funeral plans with anyone (open casket/closed casket/ cremation). I was more than a little shocked since this man was far from a spring chicken (he was able to regale me with tales from when the funeral home was also the town’s ambulance service) and had just told me about all the problems funeral homes and directors run into when the deceased don’t make their wishes known when alive.

  3. Digital immortality both sounds amazing and awful. I want to live forever. I don’t think I want my status updates to go on.

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