Anti-Goth Congressman Takes Over Chair of the Small Business Committee

“Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., has been elevated from ranking member to chairman of the Small Business Committee as part of the Republican takeover of the House, and will likely push a far more conservative political agenda on most issues compared with his Democratic predecessor.

Why does this matter?

This is the same congressman who was behind the infamous “anti-goth grant.”  Congressman Graves (a rather ironic name for someone anti-goth) drafted a bill in 2002 which included a $273,000 federal grant to study and combat goth culture in Blue Springs, Missouri.  The anti-goth grant described goth behavior as ranging from “kids overplucking or penciling in their eyebrows to drinking blood from ‘themselves or any willing donors.'”

The grant application — titled “‘Identification of Youth Adversely Affected by the Gothic Movement” —  [] notes that most goths are white, artistic, introspective, nonviolent, moody and intelligent. Other goth characteristics named in the application, listed from serious to silly, include dyed hair; piercings; tattoos; black eyeliner; black lipstick; clove cigarettes; attachments to animals (“mainly to cats”); fascination with graveyards, spiders, candles and skulls; and a proclivity for hanging out at coffee shops.”  (Source)

The anti-goth grant received national notoriety as being a waste of money.  But Graves insisted that goth culture posed a “serious threat” to Blue Springs.  Graves had hoped the funding would help “identify goth culture leaders that are preying on our kids.”  Rep.Graves even threatened that kids identified with goth culture were “doing self-mutilation, animal sacrifices, the sort of violent behavior and drug use that possibly could lead up to what happened at Columbine in 1999 with Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.”   [source]

The Graves funded anti-goth program didn’t really ever get off the ground.  Half of the money was returned.  The study couldn’t identify any problems that goths were causing and concluded that society should be more understanding and tolerant.

Perhaps, Congressman Graves learned something from the incident.  The congressman apparently has not put forward any other measures directly targeting goths.

Siouxsie will be keeping her heavily lined eye on  Congressman Graves.


~ by siouxsielaw on December 31, 2010.

9 Responses to “Anti-Goth Congressman Takes Over Chair of the Small Business Committee”

  1. What a strange guy. His picture is really creepy. Maybe, Congressman Graves is a closeted goth? Or, it could be that he was teased mercilessly about his name as a kid? I read that he was warned by the R’s about his relationship with a blonde lobbyist from the Patriot Group. It was in the NY Post, so it must be true.

  2. Making my living as a musical instrument maker, I’ve either worked for myself or small businesses most of my life. Hard-bitten experience has taught me that Republicans may not be my friends, but Democrats are usually much less so. That’s the trouble with music: It’s both an art (yay, Dems!) and a business (Yay, Reps!). So, I am not totally unhappy with a Republican House & the committee chairpeople who go with it.

    That said, this guy is a first-class creep. I vaguely recall the anti-goth nonsense, but never thought the author of such unbelievably stupid merde would get this far in Congress. I want business-friendly, vaguely libertarian Republicans, not unhinged, nutcase social conservatives.

    I also wish I could unsee his picture, which is perhaps the most disturbing thing you have ever posted. I really didn’t need this on New Year’s Eve. I guess the only thing to do is start celebrating early to increase my chances of at least temporary amnesia come midnight.

    • Now I understand why you don’t post about politics on your blog. But, I would have posted this even if the guy was a Democrat.
      Sorry about the pic. Guess I should have used a thumbnail.

      Happy New Year!

  3. He is scary. A goth make over won’t help, but it won’t hurt either.

  4. Nice to see he’s such an understanding, well informed guy. As with everyone else I agree that his picture creeps me out. He smiles like the Cheshire Cat.

  5. and they wonder why their economy is in such a mess
    that money could’ve fed so many starving people, its unbelivable
    what an asshole

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