In Defense of Creationism

Artist rendering of dragons and unicorns below the deck on Noah's Ark.

Siouxsie never gave creationism much thought.

But then this.  The much written about, Noah’s Ark Theme Park, in Kentucky will include unicorns and dragons on their ark.  Why?  Because unicorns and dragons are in the Bible.

Dragons and unicorns?  Sign Siouxsie up.  Has Kentucky violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment by providing tax incentives to an explicitly Christian enterprise?  Who cares?  Dragons and unicorns rule.

Here’s to hoping they have a tattoo parlor onsite to get some creationist-themed unicorn and/or dragon ink.

Photo Credit:  Dalboz17

Tiny Hat Top Tip:  Amy W.


~ by siouxsielaw on December 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “In Defense of Creationism”

  1. Best vacation I ever had in my life was about 3-4 years ago: I traveled from the Plains to Cincy to see the creation museum. Absolutely phenomenal (if not frightening) experience!

  2. WOW. Gothlaw – were they weird to you? were the other patrons there laughing as well?

  3. I hope the theme park is on high ground. Wouldn’t want it flooded out like Opryland.

  4. This concept makes my head hurt. Dragons are in, but Gilgamesh is out?

  5. @Amy, no, surprisingly they were not weird at all. Me and the long-suffering Fetching Frau Schatten were dressed to the nines, as usual, and the staff treated us courteously, professionally, and were in all other respects very nice and even chatty. Not once did we hear an overtly religious or proselytizing statement from the staff there.

    I would honestly recommend it, as part of a mid-south trip. It’s reasonably priced t0o: The two of us, with cafeteria fare (which was surprisingly fantastic), museum admission, two quick movie/exhibits and the planetarium (one of the better ones outside of NYC/DC, too) was probably $100 total.

    The patrons and exhibits are what scares the hell out of you; not the people who work there or manage it.

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