Pansy Division Disbanded; Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repealed

The Senate repealed the ban on gays and lesbians openly serving in the military.  It is about time.  (It is ironic that the two presidents who implemented and maintained the policy (Bubba and W, respectively) did everything in their power to avoid serving in the military.)

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” needed to go.  Not just because it was flat out government-sanctioned discrimination.  But also because as a meritocracy, the armed forces will be better off by allowing anyone to serve.  The more people allowed to serve will make our military better and stronger.  See, e.g., Sheryl Swoopes and Martina Navritalova. Who wouldn’t want John Amaechi to fight on their side?  He is 6’10” and 270 lbs.

If the sports analogies leave you cold consider the history of African-Americans who served in the military.   Prejudice based on race and color is different than sexual orientation.  But many of the same arguments to discriminate against gays in the military were used to segregate African-Americans.  Yet there has been no war in the history of the United States in which African-Americans did not participate with distinction. African-Americans volunteered to fight in both World I and II in large numbers (African-Americans even fought on both sides in the Civil War).

This week’s victory, however, is tempered by the fact that this country is at war.  Siouxsie cannot even comprehend that gay men and women have been fighting so hard for their right to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan.   For that Siouxsie salutes them with a song by the Pansy Division.

(For those who are hearing impaired, click here to read Pansy Division’s lyrics.)


~ by siouxsielaw on December 20, 2010.

10 Responses to “Pansy Division Disbanded; Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repealed”

  1. I am a little confused by your post: if by “W” you mean President Bush, you are mistaken in that he did serve in the military.

    • Thanks for reading! I’m sorry you are confused.

      • Well, isn’t the Air National Guard “the military”?

        When George W. Bush volunteered for the Texas Air National Guard, the unit he volunteered for was flyingcombat missions in Vietnam.

        Someone trying to avoid active duty by volunteering would presumably have picked a safer billet, or simply avoided the entire issue by staying in school.

        Being a fighter pilot isn’t exactly the risk-free coward’s option, after all.

        Plainly none of those mere facts will stand in the way of Gothlaw’s namecalling and implication, though.

      • Thanks for the link. I didn’t say that he was never in the military. I said he tried to avoid it. Fox News has an interesting link to the time line of his service.,2933,132062,00.html. I don’t think anyone questions that W had his dad and grandfather pulling strings. In any event, we all can agree that he wasn’t leaping at the chance to go to Vietnam.

        You miss my point. I didn’t say that Bubba and W are cowards. I merely pointed out the irony.

  2. Mahtso she said Bill and W “did everything in their power to avoid serving in the military.”

    True statement, as it happens. Bill tried to get stationed stateside with the Arkansas Guard before taking his act to Oxford on a Rhodes Schollie.

    W had daddy and Prescott pull some strings to get him stateside as well, where he spent the better of the war drinking beer in Montgomery, AL. Had he not been a congenital idiot with the intellectual depth of an ice tray, maybe he, too, could have actually ducked the guard all together.

  3. Yeah, President Bush and Sen. Blumenthal fought the VC together. Oh wait, no they didn’t.

  4. Sorry, but I mistakenly thought this blog was intended to foster intelligent discussion rather than ad hominem attacks. I’ll delete it from my lists.

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