Goths in Cold Weather — Sunscreen

A reader writers:

I know no finer place to [ask] my sunblock questions than [here] (because it has served me well to do so in the past).
I have been told by countless doctors to wear sunblock ALL the time. In the summer. In the winter. When it’s sunny. When it’s rainy. When you’re going out for five minutes or five hours. Just always.
This morning, I happened to check the weather and noticed that the UV index is 1 (from a score of 1 to 10). It’s a beautiful, sunny day out… and the index is 1. This to me means that the idea of wearing sunblock on a day like today is a sham. Seriously, 1? What the hell?

Thoughts? You and your [readers] were so helpful in guiding me to choose a non-hormone-filled sunblock that I figured you’d have feedback on this. . . .

A good question indeed.  Siouxsie herself is lazy with sunscreen in the winter.  She isn’t much for cold weather, and when she ventures outdoors she layers up.  Plus Siouxsie wears a fair amount of makeup, and that probably blocks out some rays.

When there is snow on the ground though, Siouxsie does use protection.

But most health experts advise that you wear it all the time, even in the winter.  [source]  Siouxsie personally consulted with her veterinarian, and was told to do better about wearing it.

So Siouxsie will try harder.  Siouxsie continues to endorse Supergoop! even though they have yet to send her a free industrial-sized barrel of goop.

If any of you have any suggestions about when to wear sunscreen in the winter, or what brand to use, feel free to comment.


~ by siouxsielaw on December 19, 2010.

8 Responses to “Goths in Cold Weather — Sunscreen”

  1. See, to me, this is where our culture gets it all wrong.

    I was a smoker for over a decade. One of the things that smoking teaches you is that you can’t go anywhere without your cigs. Seriously. Walking the dog? Bring your cigs. Trip to the grocery store? Bring your cigs. You can’t step outside to check the mail for two seconds without having a panic attack that you’ve left your cigs behind.

    Now that I’m reformed and no longer smoke, I use this practice to remember to put on my sunblock every single day. (Please note that this trick only works with one thing and it probably has to be cancer-related. I routinely forget my wallet and ID at home. But hey, I have my sunblock on.)

    • I knew there was a reason I was leery of sunscreen. I am going to put some type of cancer-causing agent in my wallet and see if that helps me remember to take it with me everyday.

  2. I hear ocean potion is good.

  3. The Ocean Potion was effective when I needed waterproof high SPF for an outdoor morning aqua yoga class in a warm therapy pool (ah, life in Los Angeles…). However, it was so sticky on my skin that I found it to be kind of gross. I’d never put it on my face–I used face-specific sunscreen for that. I also thought the fruity, sweet scent of Ocean Potion was icky–I could deal with it in a pool, but I’d never want it on my hands and arms on a day I’m headed to work for, say, a client meeting. Also, it left white residue on everything I brushed against, including the black leather of my car’s driver seat, and it was hard to get off. I wouldn’t want it coming anywhere near my work clothes. I used it several years ago, so I don’t know if they reformulated. It’s on my Never Again list, so I don’t know about the current product line.

    If you have issues “remembering” sunscreen for your face, consider buying a good moisturizer to use under your makeup that already has sunscreen in it. I find that to be enough for “regular” days going to the firm/office in the winter.

  4. Another thought for face products–Clarins makes a product that you can add to your favorite moisturizer to give it high SPF. You add a few drops to the product in the palm of your hand. It’s not inexpensive, but it lasted a long time the last time I used it.

  5. Even if you moisturizer and cosmetics have SPF in them most women don’t apply the amount required to reach that level of sun protection (same is also true of sunscreen so go higher than you think you need). Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunblock is AH-MAZING. In the summer it is my moisturizer (this time of year I add a lite cream), let is sit a few minutes and it’s like a primer for your make up. Great sun protection without the greasy ickyness.

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