Emo in Iraq

The Los Angeles Times has an endearing article about a fifteen-year-old Iraqi girl named Ban who identifies herself as emo.  She accessorizes her school-mandated head scarf with skull pendants, paints her nails black and wears fingerless fishnet gloves.  She does all this against the backdrop of the Iraqi civil war.

No matter how this teenager defines herself, she is pretty cool and brave to fight the power.  This girl needs a goth care package straight away.

Not to nitpick, but Siouxsie wishes the author of the article had taken some time to better understand the labels emo and goth.  His comment that had “Ban had chosen to be a goth, she would have to wear only black and act depressed. But she was emo, so she could wear some bright colors and be bored with life, but funny too” is irritating to say the least.   Siouxsie can understand a teenager, especially one in war-torn Iraq, struggling to figure out what goth and emo are all about, but the journalist could have dug a little deeper.  There are books on this stuff.

Good luck to Ban.  Siouxsie wishes her the best.

Tiny Top Hat Tip:  Amy W.


~ by siouxsielaw on December 15, 2010.

18 Responses to “Emo in Iraq”

  1. This is a cool story. Amy Lee is cute, but her music is dreck. You should send her some CDs.

  2. Off to read it now!

  3. I congratulate the girl on her choices, but wow what a poorly written article. Ban has a number of misguided ideas but considering the circumstances you can’t really fault her. The reporter, however, should have known better.

  4. I echo yours and Photographer Leia’s comments. I can’t remember the last time I read an article that provoked such mixed feelings. Very impressed by Ban – it takes courage in North America to express your individuality as a teen, so I can’t imagine what it’s like for her. But the article itself is terrible! What a cursory and inaccurate description of goth and emo.

  5. good for her. it’s especially risky to be different in a regime like that.

  6. first of all ol the resources r wrong im in iraq and its full of emo and goth pple we even get our fav bands cds wen they first come out so this girl is really stupid and livin her teenage fantasy, or wait the reprter is such a dumbass not her

    • Good to hear that Iraq is full of goth and emo people. I thought you were full of it, until I checked your IP location — Baghdad.

      • i jus wanna know how could this reporter reach this girl??? i mean in her backward milieu ,how could her ask her questions???

  7. reading this article made me rofl 4real

  8. I proudly submit a big, fat face palm to the Times for the style and mis/disinformation (I would expect as much from the Trib or Gray Lady. But, LA? C’mon!)

    Anyway, I will not let lazy, crapulent reporting diminish the courage it must take for Ban to engage in a little self-discovery, in a region of the world not recently noted for adoption of Western ways in general, and feminine independence specifically.

    Good for her.

    BTW: good catch, Siouxsie.

    • lol yea right she did alil seld-discovery nd it was so good for her
      its funny how can pple be so silly sometimes

  9. hi i live emo

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