Rock the Vote — Legal Satyricon

A Porn Attorney with a Heart of Gold

The American Bar Association Journal runs an annual review of the top 100 blawgs.

No different from last year, the ABA Journal omitted every single goth blawg on the interweb. Yet again, Siouxsie Law, GothLaw, and Ann Althouse have been left out of the competition.

That really sucks.

But it isn’t all bad.

The ABA Journal has named the Legal Satyricon as one of the top 100 blawgs. You probably already read the Legal Satyricon, but in case you don’t, it is everything a legal blog should be (and more).

First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza is the founder and force behind the blog.  He’s an old-school punk rocker who still rides motorcycles, and looks great in leather.  He even used to have liberty spikes.  The other nominees simply cannot hang.

But more important than all that, Mr. Randazza is a fantastic writer.  His blog demonstrates that you can provide first-rate legal analysis without having a stick up your ass.  Oh yeah, and he is funny too (though Siouxsie thinks his henchman Jay Devoy is funnier).  Mr. Randazza, in fact, is partly to blame for inspiring Siouxsie to start her own blawg.

The Legal Satyricon just needs a few more votes to take first place.  C’mon guys, stick it to the ABA Journal and vote for the Legal Satyricon.

For more background on Mr. Randazza check out this article.

To vote you need to register here:

And then vote in the IMHO category here:

PS:  If you are motivated to keep voting, then vote for Siouxsie’s friends Kat (“Corporette”) in Just for Fun and Eric (“NY Personal Injury Law Blog”) in Torts.

(For the hearing impaired, lyrics can be found at this link)


~ by siouxsielaw on December 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rock the Vote — Legal Satyricon”

  1. Done, and done. What an awesome blogger; as you mentioned, it IS possible to do this without having a stick up your ass.

    (Speaking of the latter, since my iPhone bought the farm this morning, I suspect I’ll have sphincter splinters for the next few days, at least!)

  2. Thanks for voting. I’m a fan.
    Good luck with your phone and stick.

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