Driver Sues Walmart Because He Drove His Car Into Light Pole in Parking Lot

This is a light post in a Walmart parking lot. When parking, you want to avoid hitting the light post and other vehicles.

The Consumerist reports that “[a] man who drove his pickup truck into a light pole in the parking lot of a New Hampshire Walmart has sued the retail giant for damages, claiming the placement of the pole is conducive to car crashes.”

The driver maintains that one Walmart employee informed him that there had been other accidents involving the stationary light pole, and that another employee admitted that the parking lot is “not a normal configured lot.”  To say the least, Siouxsie is not persuaded.

Seacoast Online mentions that the court held a hearing in the case:  “Walmart is contesting the claim and during a Portsmouth District Court hearing was represented by corporate counsel Brad Lewis.  Judge Sawako Gardner presided over the hearing and has taken the matter under advisement.”

It is difficult to root for Walmart but Siouxsie hopes that “a hearing”  means the court presided over a trial in the matter, and the judge will soon rule against the driver.

Tiny top hat tip to the commenter on The Consumerist who linked to the google street view of the parking lot.

Photo Credit:  Magandfille


~ by siouxsielaw on December 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “Driver Sues Walmart Because He Drove His Car Into Light Pole in Parking Lot”

  1. This suit makes me feel like it might be okay to laugh at the blog.

  2. […] Is the parking lot of the Newington, N.H. “normal[ly] configured,” had there been earlier drivers who bumped into the pole, and should either point matter in the lawsuit he’s filed as a result? [Seacoast Online via Siouxsie Law] […]

  3. I must be missing something… The judge couldn’t rule from the bench? Case should have been dismissed

  4. […] Siouxsie blogged about this case here. […]

  5. […] Previously, Siouxsie blogged about this case: HERE. […]

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