Pearl Izumi Sues Cycling Team To Get Their Bat-Winged Bike Suits Back

Bat-winged biking outfit at the center of this suit.

Pearl Izumi is suing Slipstream Sports, the manager of the Garmin-Transistions Cycling Team to get their bat-winged skin suits back.  As reported by the Daily Camera, Pearl Izumi alleges that the team will not give back twelve prototypes of these super biking suits.  Slipstream released the following statement in response to the suit:

Slipstream Sports is and always has been committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology,” a statement noted. “We do this with the goal of giving our athletes the best possible equipment and the biggest technological advantages within the ethical guidelines we have set for ourselves. With this in mind, Slipstream Sports developed and tested the wing suit technology.

Slipstream Sports put hundreds of hours of testing into this technology independent of Pearl Izumi. While we regret that Pearl has pursued this action, the fact is that Slipstream spent years developing this technology. However, we remain grateful for their sponsorship and will continue to represent them through the end of our agreement.

The suit was filed in Colorado state court and doesn’t seem to be available on-line.

Siouxsie herself is pretty disappointed.  She had heard about the so-called “bat-winged bike suits” and was expecting something much cooler.


~ by siouxsielaw on November 30, 2010.

One Response to “Pearl Izumi Sues Cycling Team To Get Their Bat-Winged Bike Suits Back”

  1. Those are bat wings? I can’t believe that the fabric under the armpits really makes much difference.

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