Goth Fashion Plates

Siouxsie’s mum found Siouxsie’s Fashion Plates in the attic and brought them with her on a visit.  The Fashion Plates were still perfect condition, and not missing any pieces.   For those unfamiliar with Fashion Plates, it was the toy that allowed you  to create stylish outfits by mixing patterned plates.   After assembling the tops and bottoms, you would  memorialize it on paper with a gravestone-style rubbing.

Sadly, none of Siouxsie’s old fashions were saved.  Not to worry.  Siouxsie spent much of the evening putting outfits together.  Here are two attempts to unlock the dark potential of this toy.

Voila . .  .

For those not lucky enough the have an authentic  1980’s Fashion Plates set, you can try to get your fix at Couturious.  It is Fashion Plates of the 21st Century.   Couturious lets you put together outfits, even detailing whether you want to tuck  pants into your over-the-knee boots.


~ by siouxsielaw on November 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “Goth Fashion Plates”

  1. My sister used to play with these. Good work. Maybe you should go to SVA or Parsons?

  2. Siouxsie, I would just like to second Le Chuck’s suggestion. Especially SVA. Especially their VCS program.

    See you in September.

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