Update — Hells Angels Sue Alexander McQueen

RECALLED. This scarf has been found to infringe on the rights of the Hells Angels and must be destroyed.

That was fast.  Last week, Hells Angels sued the fashion house Alexander McQueen for trademark infringement.  Siouxsie blogged about it yesterday. And today, the case settled.

As part of the settlement, all merchandise with the trademark design will be pulled and the merchandise already sold — including rings, dresses and purses — will be recalled and destroyed.  That’s right — Destroyed.  Congrats to Fritz Clapp and the Hells Angels.  Lesson learned:  Don’t mess with these guys or their trademarks.

Tiny Top Hat Tip:  Venkat B. author of Spam Notes


~ by siouxsielaw on November 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Update — Hells Angels Sue Alexander McQueen”

  1. I’m torn. Torn, I say. My layer self says “way to go” but then I think of all bad things the HA have done (drug dealing and violence). Hmmm…

    • You make a good point. And I totally agree with you. But there is no way I’m saying anything bad about the HA. I have never seen a case settle so quickly.

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