Merck Sued Over Alleged Cancer Causing RFIDs


Don't want.


Andrea Rutherford, a pet owner in Massachusetts, is suing pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. and Digital Angel Inc. over a RFID microchip she had implanted in her cat Bulkin.  The microchip Rutherford had her vet implant is a radio-tracking chip used as a means of permanent identification.  Ms. Rutherford alleges that the microchip produced a malignant tumor in the animal.  A veternarian found the RFID microchip at the center of a malignant tumor.  Bulkin underwent surgery to have the tumor removed and underwent chemotherapy.  Bulkin survived and appears to be cancer-free.  But not all pets, have been so lucky.

It is easy to see the appeal of installing small transponder underneath the skin of your pet, child or significant others.  It is good to be Big Brother.  HomeAgain even has a slick iPhone App.  But, does anyone really think that you can implant microchips in people and animals and there won’t be any adverse health problems?  It will be interesting to see if this suit generates a lot of other claims against these companies.

The complaint can be found at this link.

RFID chip image courtesy of Dr. What.


~ by siouxsielaw on October 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “Merck Sued Over Alleged Cancer Causing RFIDs”

  1. Losing a pet is a tragedy. I don’t think inserting a chip under your pet’s skin is the answer. The whole idea is creepy. I am worried that I am going to get cancer just thinking about it.

  2. at this point the rate of cancer seems rare enough and without enough well done research that I don’t regret my decision to get microchips for my dogs and foster dogs. They are more likely to be killed in a shelter if they get lost than they are to get cancer. Sort of a loose-loose situation, unfortunately.

    • Microchips are on my phobia list. But so are microwaves. So, you are probably right that the risk is minimal. But I think most people understand that it is new technology, and that the risks aren’t completely known. So to me, it seems a little crazy for someone to sue over a chip that they chose to implant themselves. For the record, I want the microchip put in Fluevogs when I get dementia and not in me.

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