Siouxsie Is Looking for a New Bag

Siouxsie needs something to carry her stuff.  This new bag needs to be large enough to hold sugar skulls, lots of cosmetics, Wint-O-Green lifesavers, bottle of water, taser and the occasional Redweld.  Siouxsie’s friend Amy suggested this bag by Steve Madden.  It is large, black and vegan.  What do you think?  Are hobo bags still fashionable?

The bag pictured above is currently on sale at Alternative Outfitters for $74.80.


~ by siouxsielaw on August 22, 2010.

8 Responses to “Siouxsie Is Looking for a New Bag”

  1. The fake leather looks fake. That bag is huge.

  2. I can’t be enthused for anything by Steve Madden.

    • I feel the same way about him. I have said some nasty things on this blog here. Convicted felon, thief, copier. In a moment of weakness though, I began to feel like I had been too harsh. And the bag seemed less plagiarized than his other stuff. Though, now that I think about it, there is probably a designer who is pretty furious with him over this bag.

  3. It’s a weird thing, but many vegans are enthralled with Steve Madden. It’s hard to go to a vegan clothing site that doesn’t completely hype his stuff. And although vegan clothing has come a long way (I first went vegan almost 20 years ago and WOW… the difference between then and now in terms of all kinds of choices available to you) it’s still lagging in the purse/shoe department. This is why Madden is such a hit in that crowd – at least his stuff is *close.*

    But I agree with all the comments here (except for the one that says it’s huge like that’s a bad thing… I need a huge bag). I’m just having a hard time finding one that is any better.

  4. I like the bag. It looks kind of big next to the model. I don’t think the bag is huge either, but rather the model is small.

  5. Have you tried looking on Etsy? A quick search for “vegan hobo” turned up this one:

    And the nice thing about bags on Etsy is that they’re hand made and not mass-produced by some soulless corporation.

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