American Apparel Bankruptcy Watch

Good old days. The 2000s were such a simpler time.

A dear friend of Siouxsie’s recently summed up some of the reasons why American Apparel used to be relevant:

American Apparel [was] the secret weapon in the
goth-girls-of-a-certain-age’s tool kit. You [could] get a wide variety of
clothes that are well made, stand up to repeated washing, come in a
black that doesn’t fade, and [was] plain and simple and easily

It [was] the kind of clothes that you [could] wear to a casual
office without selling your soul, or if you dress it up with fishnets
or what have you, you could wear it for an evening out.

While their advertising campaigns are clearly gross, they do have the strong
stance against slave labor. And possibly the best thing of them all –
their clothes don’t scream a particular label. They just look like
nicely made, comfortable, breathable, clothes.  In black, of course.

Sadly, it sounds like it is just a matter of time before American Apparel is done.

First, American Apparel started to go preppy back in January.  And now, you can’t even find a decent black skirt in the store.   As one friend puts it, it is nothing but rompers with plunging neck lines.

Jezebel recently reported that American Apparel is likely to declare bankruptcy:

Things have gone from bad to worse for the pants-optional C.E.O. and his t-shirt company. To put it nicely, it’s highly probable that the retailer will go bankrupt — and soon. Bluntly: American Apparel is probably fucked.

When American Apparel does file Chapter 11, Siouxsie will be sure to post about it.   Let’s hope that the CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney, has weird stuff on his list of creditors.

Until then, the word on the street is that Loehmann’s has purchased some of American Apparel’s old inventory.  Be sure and tell the Loehmann’s  cashier that you read about this on Siouxsie Law and you will receive an extra 10% of scorn and free blank stares.

Photo Credit:  Cattias Photos

Tiny Top Hat Tip:  Amelie Nocturna

Bonus Video:   American Apparel during better times.


~ by siouxsielaw on August 7, 2010.

One Response to “American Apparel Bankruptcy Watch”

  1. The Jezebel article said exactly what I was thinking, but just to draw attention to it:
    The unfortunate thing is, when AA goes out of business, the spin will be that it’s just not feasible for a clothing store to produce their wares at unionized, US shops. But actually, it’s the horrible mismanagement of the store by the CEO, who made about a gazillion questionable business decisions, not the least of which was opening store after store after store just down the street from one another that caused the complete collapse of AA.


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