Consider the Power of Black This Fall

This dress is from Hannah Marshall's Fall 2010 collection.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the part of the year where the sun shines brightly for the greatest portion of the day is coming to an end.  Soon, the days will grow shorter and the nights longer.  Fall is coming.  As usual, fashion writers predict that black will be big this Fall.  For some of us, black is big every season.

At least one thing in fashion remains a constant: if you need to scare people, be it in a churchyard or the boardroom, make sure you’re wearing black.


In a recent article for the Independent, fashion writer Harriet Walker eloquently explains why black is so awesome:

[B]lack is as timeless as it is versatile. It doesn’t show its age or the dirt; you can blend in or you can stand out; it’s the sort of elixir of life that fashion alchemists dream of creating or discovering anew.


You can be formal in black . . . .You can be sexy in black, you can be elegant, or you can be aggressive.

[Source, internal quotations omitted]

Walker warns that everyone should get ready to embrace lots of black:

[T]he all-black look is set to be big for autumn.  It has been creeping in from the sidelines for several seasons; after the minimal and slimline modern goth looks that incorporated black, grey and flashes of white, black is the perfect summation of fashion’s current obsession with bold cuts and muted palettes.

If you read this blog, then you are probably already well-prepared for this trend.  If not, go help the global economy and consume some dark goods right away.

Bonus Video:  Hannah Marshall


“Black definitely demands respect.”

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  1. Love black! I need to put up a new profile pic…

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