The Federal Government Moves to Deregulate Teeth Whitening

As a former smoker with incredibly white teeth, the deregulation of teeth whitening may have been near and dear to President Obama's heart.

The federal government has been inching closer to regulating the banking industry.  President Obama’s foes have chided him as a socialist and a fan of big government.

But lost in the headlines is the fact that the Obama administration has made a major move to deregulate the practice of teeth whitening.  That’s right America, you are now free to open a teeth whitening business, even if you are not a dentist.

Two weeks ago, the FTC moved to break the North Carolina Dental Board’s teeth whitening monopoly.  The FTC’s complaint alleges that the North Carolina Dental Board impermissibly  limited competition by prohibiting non-dentists from performing teeth whitening.  North Carolina is fighting the FTC to hold onto this dentist monopoly.

This small action may signal a shift away from the deference which the courts and federal government have shown to state’s regulation of health and other occupations.  It will be interesting to see what industry or practices the FTC goes after next.

A copy of the FTC’s complaint can be found at this link.  FTC’s press release can be found at this link.


~ by siouxsielaw on July 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Federal Government Moves to Deregulate Teeth Whitening”

  1. Maybe, President Obama is the L word. Liberatarian.

  2. wait, are we sure he’s a *former* smoker?

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