Vote for Corporette

Siouxsie has Corporette on the brain.

Corporette is the most popular fashion blog on the interweb for “overachieving chicks.”   Kat Griffin is the woman behind the blog, and recently she entered Oprah’s Search for the Next Television Star.

Although Siouxsie doesn’t share Corporette’s style, Siouxsie is willing to shamelessly suck up to Ms. Griffin to get a seat on the Kat Griffin express.  Plus, Ms. Griffin blogged anonymously for years, then parlayed her anonymity into fame and fortune.  And Siouxsie is a fan of anonymous bloggers making it big.

So, do your part and vote early and often.  And maybe, just maybe, Siouxsie might get a shot to goth it up on the Kat Griffin show.


~ by siouxsielaw on June 29, 2010.

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