Review: Kushyfoot Tights, Fishnets and Lace Foot Covers

Siouxsie couldn't help but give the Kushyfoot girl a makeover.

Kushyfoot kindly sent Siouxsie some products to try out.

Kushyfoot is a hosiery and sock brand that features a massaging cushion on the bottom of the sole.   As explained by Kushyfoot:

The unique massaging sole relieves tension and discomfort in achy feet—and stress and fatigue throughout the entire body. Kushyfoot has the perfect sock for evey shoe in your closet, from foot covers and toe covers to trouser socks and sheer knee highs plus sports socks and tights.

While the Kushyfoot products are not a cure for sore feet, they definitely make any shoe more comfortable.   The greatest part about Kushyfoot is that they have so many different products, you are sure to find one to work with any shoe type.

Siouxsie even tried them with her beloved Jeffrey Campbell strappy wedges.  And they worked wonderfully.

Jeffrey Campbell Clinic Wedges tastefully paired with Kushyfoot fishnets. Not exactly Debrahlee Lorenzana, but probably not suitable for Citibank.

Siouxsie’s favorite Kushyfoot products are the tights, which have grooved soles.  Kushyfoot makes a slew of different colors and styles.  And they are definitely more comfortable than standard tights.

The Kushyfoot fishnets are a must have..  They are well-made and the textured sole is discreet.   Most important:  So far, Siouxsie has not suffered any snags or tears.  It is a fishnet miracle.

Also, high on the Siouxsie’s list are the Kushyfoot lace foot covers. They are adorable when paired with Mary Janes. You can make the little lace edge peek out of the shoe.  There could be a serious market of Mary Jane wearers who would go crazy for these, regardless of the extra comfort of the kushy sole.  Try it, you could start a trend.

If you have serious foot problems or are contemplating cutting off your pinky toes to fit into smaller shoes, then Kushyfoot probably isn’t for you.  If you want quality tights that are more comfortable, Kushyfoot fills the bill.  Check ’em out.

Tiny top hat tip to Broke & Beautiful.


~ by siouxsielaw on June 26, 2010.

9 Responses to “Review: Kushyfoot Tights, Fishnets and Lace Foot Covers”

  1. I’ve never herd of this brand, but the mary jane foot covers especially sound adorable.

  2. Wow. The fishnets look great with those shoes.

  3. Hmm, these sound great. I hadn’t heard of them, either.

  4. I could certainly use a couple of these! Comfy feet, make the world a better place.

  5. these look so great!

  6. These sound like a nice alternative to sticking insoles in my shoes that might ruin the lining of my favorite Stuart Weitzmans.

  7. I love meeting dark lawyers with an interest in fabulous shoes. Or is that fabolous lawyers with dark shoes?

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